International publishers Jean has worked with.

International bestsellers Jean has played a key role in.

Jean with International Bestselling author Lorna Byrne.








Jean chooses to work only on books she feels passionate about.

Based on her experience and interests, she concentrates on non-fiction books in the inspirational area.  

How Momenta Hub adds value to Authors

Different authors need different things – these are some of the things that Momenta Hub does:

  • Helps the author to develop a really clear vision and positioning for their book, and how it fits in the life plans of the author.
  •  Based on this vision creating a plan for writing the book.
  •  Develops a strategy for how to get it published.
  •   Develops online, speaking, media strategies to increase chances of a publisher committing to the book, and to build sales on publication.
  •  Helps the author to develop an international strategy.
  •  Provides on-going support to maintain the momentum of the author.
  •  Works with established authors on particular challenges e.g. how to break into international markets, how to position book 2, how to build momentum.

All authors are unique and have different needs – so what Momenta Hub does is tailored to the needs of each individual.

 What Momenta Hub does not do:

  •   Represent authors.

  •   Provide any guarantee that a book will be published.

  •   Ghost write books.

  •  Copy edit books.  

  • Execute on line or media strategies.