Working with Brands and Organisations to gain the momentum and energy that come from developing a compelling vision and a clear strategy.

Jean Callanan has worked as a strategic marketing consultant with a wide variety of brands and organisations including RTÉ, O2, Hibernian Life/Aviva, Sherry FitzGerald, The Jesuits in Ireland and Kanchi.

Projects undertaken have included:

  •   Developing and executing a branding strategy for a large public organisation.
  •  Developing a strategic matrix to help a private organisation evaluate ideas for future growth in order to prioritise resources for optimum results.
  • Working with the board of a Not For profit organisation to get real clarity and agreement on what success looked like for that organisation.
  •  Working with a start up food business to develop a brand positioning and marketing plan.
  • Evaluating and then optimising the effectiveness of a major plank of a company’s marketing plan through in-depth interviews with their clients.
  •   Developing structure and job descriptions for the marketing team of a major public company following a merger.
  •  Working with a large public company to streamline their marketing activities, thereby considerably increasing their effectiveness.

Jean is particularly good at helping organisations access the hidden reservoirs of knowledge that exist within them. Much of her work involves interviewing people within organisations, or associated with them (individually or in groups) and sharing findings with the key decision makers  and or team members in order to help them to develop a clear and coherent strategy which deliver measurable results and allows for prioritisation of resource. In this Jean is helped by the fact that she is a qualified and experienced business coach.

Jean’s work is action oriented. She does not produce weighty reports, but rather uses presentations and workshops to help the organisation to think clearly and creatively and develop an action plan that is realistic and that they can execute for themselves.