Jean explains a little more about her experience with  authors and publishers.

I spent more than 20 years working as a Senior Marketing Executive and Executive Director in major multinationals both within Ireland and Internationally (Unilever, Waterford Crystal, Guinness Ireland).  In these I have a proven record of strategic development, brand building, creating growth, and working internationally.

Since 2004 my time has been divided between working with organisations and brands (including RTÉ, O2, Aviva, Kanchi and The Jesuits in Ireland) and working with authors.

The author with whom I have most worked with is Lorna Byrne. My work with Lorna included:

  • Supporting Lorna on her journey from being from being an unknown woman (with an amazing gift) who wanted to write a book (and had a great story to tell), to an international bestselling author with more than a million readers in 50 countries, translated into 30 languages.

  •  Working with some of the biggest publishers in the world including: Penguin Random House (UK), Hodder and Stoughton (UK), Hachette (Ireland), Simon and Schuster (USA), Penguin Random House (USA), Random House (Germany), Otova (Finland) and Oceano (Latin America).

  •  Working closely with top international Literary Agency – Sanford J Greenburger and Associates, and through them with 20+ international agents in the territories/languages which Lorna’s books were sold.

  •  Developing an online media strategy and executing this, resulting in an extensive online media presence for Lorna.

  •  Developing and executing a strategy to get two of Lorna’s books into the Sunday Times (London) Top 10 by leveraging her social media presence. Both campaigns exceeded expectation with A Message of Hope and Love from Heaven both becoming Sunday Times No 1 Bestsellers in their first week of publication. (Source: Nielsen Bookscan, hardback nonfiction).

  •  Developing and executing a speaking strategy which saw Lorna doing sell-out events to large audiences across 14 countries.

  • Developing and executing a strategy of  reaching out to opinion/ thought leaders who for strategic reasons we wanted to engage with, do public events with, or get to endorse her books.

Through this work I got to learn firsthand about the importance of authors developing a clear and coherent strategy that is authentic – that matches their voice, their story and their vision. I learnt about the dangers of over-depending on publishers (who are very good at certain things – and lamentable at others). I learnt how much added value could be brought to an author by someone thinking strategically about what should be done.

I am now using all that I learnt to help to build the momentum of a small team of authors that I passionately believe in.